Monday, March 19, 2012

Ok so here it goes. I have decided to once and for all start a blog and commit to it.
It is certainly not the first one. Blog subjects I have chosen in the past have included:
My travels
My design work, don’t do much of that these days so obviously blogging about it didn’t last very long
Personal style, took a few pictures of myself with a pout a lo Lana del Rey and I thank the universe every day for not letting anyone I know see them. (No offence to Miss del Rey, she´s a beautiful lady)
Images that excite me visually (actually that one is my most recent one, and the only one that still lives today)
Anyhoo, the truth is I consider myself a girl of too many passions.
I believe that a diverse person such as myself (don’t worry I don’t actually hold myself in THAT much high regard) should explore all aspects of one’s tastes, interests and personality. Therefore, I find that the key to me not getting bored shitless of my little blog and pressing the delete button at the end of the page once again, might actually be to write about anything and everything. I just hope someone out there finds it interesting
Much love,

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